We come spinning out of nothingness, scattering stars like dust
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Its getting to that sort of time where people will ask over and over

Only to go and ask again.

For now’s become a time, that I am supposed to know.

Who I am, what I want to do, where I will be staying and where I will go.

But honestly? My answer?

I do. not. know.


I’ve thought about it in dreams, both awake and asleep

But ……….


People panic you, draw lines and set rules all to box you in

And here I am stressing and fretting about fitting in

Straining myself, Draining myself to try to fit

into one of the boxes you give.  

Feigned freedom in forced choices of how to live.

The worlds your oyster, so dont be afraid

Oh but please do remember these choices remain

Through all your winters, summers, autumns, springs.

Feared to moved, but forced to choose.

I hide myself from time

Ignorance is bliss, and a decision a noose.


But I am breathing steady again now,

So I thought what I wanted, and I wrote them down.


sometimes I can whip out a sweet essay in two hours and sometimes it takes me four tries to spell prevalent

(via thescarletblues)

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